Time for some re-reading

The title of one of my favorite classes was Erich Fromm. It was a small discussion for doctoral students, but ordinary seminary students could enroll. Each week, we read one of Fromm’s many (thankfully paperback) books. I gave them away long ago, thinking I had internalized Fromm’s big ideas.

Born in Frankfurt in 1900, Fromm fled Nazi Germany in 1941. His experience with Hitler’s fascism shaped his professional practice of psychology and sociology. My two favorite required readings from that class were Escape from Freedom (1941) and its sequel, The Sane Society (1955).

After 45+ years, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Doug Mastriano have me reaching back for Fromm’s critique of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Today’s “Christian nationalism” forgets there was no religious test for soldiers of several nations who died to liberate Normandy and Europe.

From “Choosing Christianity over Christian nationalism,” by Amanda Tyler, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, June 5, 2020

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