Mergers and acquisitions are common in business. The latest M&A activity is in the political arena. The Forward Party is joining with the Renew America Movement and the Serve America Movement. Initial co-chairs are former democrat Andrew Yang and former republican Christine Todd Whitman.

Skeptics point to limited third party success. A new party hasn’t grown to lasting national prominence since Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party grew out of the old Whig Party. Maybe a multi-party era would inspire more positive creativity among the electorate. I like the name “Forward.”

The new party could help shift the nation’s focus from Backward to Forward, from Negative to Positive, from Violence to Civility. If we can move in those directions, we’ll be stronger and healthier. We could rediscover the art of peaceful, respectful debate. This could be a turning point–forward.

From “Yang announces new Forward party with other centrist groups,” by Shawna Chen, Axios, July 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “Forward”

  1. For a centrist party to succeed would be wonderful. I might vote for their candidate because California is so reliably Democratic.


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