To dis-cover and re-member

Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) wrote The Sacred and the Profane. He was a religious historian from Romania, a complex genius shaped by two wars (and tainted by fascism). He migrated to the US in 1956. In seminary I was introduced to a tiny sliver of the tip of his iceberg. An English translation of his brief book, sub-titled “The Nature of Religion,” is available as a free PDF at the above link.

As a naive young pastor, I thought my role was to bring the sacred to the profane. Thomas Merton helped me see my role (as a human, not necessarily as a pastor) was to name and celebrate the sacred that is present always and everywhere in the universe. Sometimes, when we name and celebrate the sacred, we dis-cover a love that has been hidden or obscured. From Eliade: the case of those moderns who proclaim that they are nonreligious … the possibility of reintegrating a religious vision of life lies at a great depth….of the unconscious; it has been “forgotten.”

May 2022 be a year to dis-cover and re-member love (i.e., the sacred) that permeates our secular (i.e., profane) world.

From “Mircea Eliade Quotes,” AZ Quotes

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