Escape from Fantasy Island

Two friends I’ve never met are Peggy Noonan (whose column I cite occasionally) and Rachel Maddow (whose TV program I’ve not cited until today). It’s quite possible they’ve never met. They could be good for each other as each has been good for me.

A true friend encourages a person to think, which these commentators accomplish from their respective perches on the right and on the left.

Noonan’s recent Wall Street Journal columns are available without a paywall at her website. She writes for her friends on the right and the center right. Her recent columns urged them to reject the conspiracy theories that have flourished in America’s Fantasy Island atmosphere of recent years.

Maddow is our best Fantasy Island tour guide, giving context for conspiracy theories. A replay or transcript of the 6/22/21 program gives oxygen to important reporting by the Arizona press about the bizarre events unfolding there around the election “audit.” Let’s find a way off this island!

From “The Arizona election ‘audit’ is a partisan and amateurish endeavor that ‘should not be trusted,’ expert review finds,” by Charles Davis, Business Insider, June 22, 2021

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