A friend at the center

A friend I’ve never met is Cynthia Bourgeault. Among her many involvements is serving on the faculty of the Center for Action and Contemplation. I know her primarily through her contributions to CAC’s daily meditations.

Bourgeault practices a tradition called centering prayer. I’ve learned from her interactions with people in a variety of spiritual traditions. They’re drawn together by a common interest in contemplative prayer.

Our chaotic, fragmented world needs the healing that comes when we are drawn together in silent prayer (like spokes of a wheel get closer as they get nearer the hub). Bourgeault reminds me to create space for silence, reflection, consciousness of what I’ve come to call the Defining Presence.

“Wisdom, like water, is itself clear and formless, but it necessarily assumes the shape and coloration of the container in which it is captured. Between formless essence and manifesting particularity there is a reciprocal dynamism; you can’t have one without the other.” – Cynthia Bourgeault, from “Wisdom Teaching and Quotes,” at The Wisdom Way of Knowing.

From an introduction to Cynthia Bourgeault at The Contemplative Society

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