To hope, to think, to believe, to know

Yesterday, the class was “with me” from hope, to think, to believe, to know. When I said, “I think our Constitution will hold against authoritarianism,” one class member said, “I hope so.” He got it. He wasn’t quite able to say “I think it will.” He understands the gravity of the situation. These folks, several well into their 90s, embody a wisdom that sees beyond today’s political polarization.

A WW2 veteran, 94, said “Don’t you think people in Russia and Ukraine, etc., are “like us” in their hope to make a living and live in peace?” I recalled for them what a deceased member, a much-decorated WW2 veteran, told me when I left for Tennessee in 2005: “Ted, people are the same wherever you go and most of them are good.” His widow, who was in the class, nodded and flashed a big smile.

I cited a familiar graveside benediction used by a deceased mutual friend: “The stars look down on the mountain; the stars look down on the sea. The stars look down on everyone; the stars look down on me. The stars will live for a million years, a million years and a day. In God, _____ will live on and on, when the stars have passed away.” And, a real yet unprovable know from one of their favorite hymns:

From “He Lives!” by Alfred H. Ackley, 1933, Sung by the Blue Rock Mennonite Youth, Video by SE Samonte, 2013, via YouTube

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