Fullness of loving

For several months, I’ve been part of a conversation among a few dozen people seeking to understand and practice unconditional love. It began with a focus on grace, Christianity’s term for unmerited favor.

Our conversations quickly included secular people who don’t identify with traditional Christianity as well as people of other faiths, such as Buddhism. We discovered that the human family has multiple ways of expressing love and that human language is limited in its ability to express love.

The terms Fullness of Loving Relationships, or (the shorter) Fullness of Loving, is the working name for this project, but the focus is on the reality of love that undergirds its every expression. I invite you to check out this fledging movement and its new website that (like the group) is a work in progress:

The Fullness of Loving Relationships began with the dream of a dynamic movement of persons devoted to an understanding and practice of grace. The essence of grace is an unconditional, all-inclusive, never-ending love. It is a way of being, thinking, and living in all relationships.

From fullnessofloving.com

4 thoughts on “Fullness of loving”

  1. Ted, excellent post! Thank you! I think the Zoom Session was so helpful, with strong participation. Please send me a copy of the recording. I love you! Joe


  2. The website looks very nice. I tried to subscribe to the daily email but it was too technologically challenging for me


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