The shape of spiritual maturity

Yesterday, I asked: “Which of my mentors will I write about today?” Over a cup of coffee, “Finding Ourselves in God,” Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation for 11/29/21, reminded me that Rohr has been my most significant mentor for the past decade. He helps me explore the depth of grace, what son Rob prefers to call unmerited favor, or what others call the fullness of love. Some excerpts from Rohr:

“…the divine indwelling is never earned by any behavior, group membership, or ritual whatsoever, but only recognized and realized … and fallen in love with.”

“…we are standing under the same waterfall of mercy as everybody else and receiving an undeserved radical grace, which is the root cause of every ensouled being.”

“…we are objectively and inherently children of God …. This is not psychological worthiness; it is ontological, metaphysical, substantial worthiness that cannot be gained or lost.”

“It is the very shape of all spiritual maturity, regardless of what religion we may belong to.”

From “Spiritual Maturity,” by James Burns, Bully Proof Classroom, January 28, 2018

One thought on “The shape of spiritual maturity”

  1. I don’t remember who first pointed me to Richard Rohr. It is been about two years now I think, and he certainly is my best mentor too.


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