Medicine’s own long-haulers

An earlier post and a dedicated blog page introduced son Rob and his experience with ME/CFS and POTS. A recent article by Ed Yong in The Atlantic describes how some COVID long-haulers have been dismissed by medical professionals. What’s different about this article is that the long-haulers are themselves medical professionals. Yong interviewed over a dozen long-haulers in the US and the UK.

I’ll re-read it today as part of my Thanksgiving observance. Health, our most precious gift, is too easily taken for granted–until it is lost. From Ed Yong’s article:

“Most told me that they were shocked at how quickly they had been dismissed by their peers.”

“…these problems are familiar to people who have myalgic encephalomyelitis, the debilitating condition that’s also called chronic fatigue syndrome.”

“Amy Small, a general practitioner based in Lothian, Scotland … could barely raise a glass to her mouth. ‘It was a whole level of bodily dysfunction that I didn’t know could happen until I experienced it myself,’ she said, and it helped her ‘understand what so many of my patients had experienced for years.'”

From “Even Health-Care Workers With Long COVID Are Being Dismissed,” by Ed Yong, The Atlantic, November 24, 2021

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