A defining presence

Warren Buffett is a defining presence in the stock market. Satya Nadella is a defining presence in technology. Simone Biles is a defining presence in gymnastics. Other names come to mind in their respective endeavors. You have your own list of those who lead the way.

Moses, Muhammad and the writers of the Hindu Vedas were among those who’ve been a defining presence, as were the Buddha and Jesus. I’m most familiar with Jesus, who lived long ago but continues to be for me a defining presence, shaping my worldview.

From Richard Rohr: “The divine image and dignity are inherent in every being. We have the freedom and honor of choosing to grow (or not) in our unique likeness of this image. Jesus is one clear example of this path who models inclusive, nondual, compassionate thinking and being.”

“Nondual” living isn’t a common conversation topic, but I believe it is vitally important. So, this week’s posts will focus on the Jesus model of “inclusive, nondual, compassionate thinking and being” as a defining presence for us today.

What is a slum? Definition of a Global Housing Crisis,Habitat for Humanity UK

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