I’m grateful for all who listen with their hearts and share from their hearts. Life can be overwhelming. COVID ravishes India, gun violence grows, dangers abound in Ukraine, Syria, and other hotspots. Our challenge is to avoid paralysis and to ethically engage as people who have agency.

My world keeps getting reshaped by some big themes, like agency (I can do something); suffrage (it is a right), ecology (being a friend of the earth), healing (proactive, common sense mitigation of a pandemic), nonviolence (making peace within and as a peacemaker), and justice.

In Washington, hope is dashed as often as it is kindled, but I’m encouraged by Senator Tim Scott’s efforts to generate support within the GOP for meaningful criminal justice reform.

Last night’s Sixty Minutes featured Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. I was impressed with his clear understanding of the art and practice of justice. Two key prosecutors in the Floyd case were volunteers recruited pro bono from law firms–something they did for the country, and for justice.

From Ellison: “The state doesn’t seek revenge, just accountability.”

The Prosecutors,” interviewed by Scott Pelley on Sixty Minutes, CBS, April 25, 2021

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