The thread of inclusion

The “markers” I’ve cited this week share a common thread–inclusion. I believe the competition between parochial, tribal worldviews and more inclusive, global worldviews is the definitive struggle in this era of earth’s history.

For me, inclusiveness has emerged as the decisive factor in matters of faith (aka religion), governance (aka politics), business (aka economics), personal decisions (aka lifestyle) and community health (aka ethics).

Inclusion (or lack thereof) has become the marker I look for when weighing options for how to act and how to think. Am I including others or excluding others? Am I weaving a life of inclusion or exclusion?

Far from being an “anything goes” approach to life, a commitment to inclusiveness requires a strong capacity to say “No!” These days, my most vigorous “no” responses are to attempts to exclude, to limit inclusion.

From a 7-minute segment of The Rachel Maddow Show, November 28, 2022, highlighting 24-year-old Nick Fuentes’ views, which deserve a vigorous “No!”

2 thoughts on “The thread of inclusion”

    1. You’re too kind. Like many people, much of my life has focused oh the tasks of daily life, which has had more rewards than I could imagine. In recent years I’ve had more time to ponder some larger issues. I look at people like Robert Hubbell and Heather Cox-Richardson, who has a major vocational responsibilities and find time to write daily posts that inspire many thousands of people to engage some of our most significant issues. The process of writing these posts has been stimulating, and a big part of that has been the responses of family and friends. You’re an important part of that and I appreciate your encouragement.


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