Two fears

I have two great fears. One is that I may succumb to a creeping sense of entitlement, that I deserve the freedoms I enjoy, that I’m entitled to fast service even when stores are short on staff. The other fear is that I may succumb to a dullness, or–even worse–an absence of gratitude.

I try to read several free sources via email each day to cultivate gratitude and to avoid entitlement. These sources keep me on my toes. Every day at least one of these sources speaks to my heart and mind. On Monday, all of them did. That’s always a home run. I’m passing Monday’s gems on to you.

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation “A Universal Connection” was one of his best. He puts the Big Picture into sharp focus in ways that inspire, illuminate and challenge.

Heather Cox Richardson’s October 2 installment of “Letters from an American” (emailed on October 3) put the daily mix of sublime and ridiculous news into a historical context that I can understand.

Robert B. Hubbell’s Today’s Edition Newsletter for October 3 was “Citizenship is an act.” He parses the legal and political issues with precision, clarity and a “can do” spirit of hope. He inspires me.

Joyce Vance, the latest addition to my daily inbox, writes Civil Discourse. Her October 3 communique’ was “The Week Ahead,” a synopsis of the critical legal issues in the news this week. She always ends her blog with, “We’re in this together.” And so we are!

We stayed, with gratitude, at three Harvest Host locations on this trip. One was Mohican Farms in New Jersey. That night, two camper guests stayed at the hillside edge of their cornfield with a beautiful view of the New Jersey countryside. We were in Big Al, the red and white camper on the left.

3 thoughts on “Two fears”

  1. I never heard of harvest host while we were RVing. Do they provide a bathroom? Electric hook ups? What a lovely location!


    1. Businesses make space available for campers to stay one night. There’s no fee but an honor system that campers will spend at least $20 at the business. Some locations are wineries, restaurants, fabric shops, and other venues. Mohican Farms is a restaurant/food market. We stayed at an Alpaca farm in New York.
      Cathey paid $25 to take a class about using alpaca yarn. Campers are expected to be self-contained (no water or power hookups). We planned our Harvest Host stays on weekends because state parks tend to fill up on weekends. The places we stayed were fun. We had to cancel a stay at a yarn shop in Virginia due to modifying our schedule. I think the shop was relieved because Ian visited Virginia during that time. Harvest Host has a user-friendly website.

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  2. Richard Rohr’s blog entry about Saint Francis really made me enthused about reading more. I just ordered the biography entitled Saint Francis by an author with a very difficult Greek name that I can’t remember.


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