This week’s resource: Marcus Borg

I think Ernie named Marcus Borg (1942-2015) as an important resource and my Friday brain trust (a Fullness of Loving group) all agreed. Like us, Borg was a US citizen and roughly our contemporary in chronology. Borg was a teacher of theology. We are students of theology. Our Friday group resonates with Borg’s thought, though as my friend Don says, “I don’t agree with anyone about everything.” Borg’s 2003 book, The Heart of Christianity, will be the focus of this week’s posts.

The subtitle is “Rediscovering a Life of Faith.” The cover jacket proclaims, “How we can be passionate believers today.” I think today Borg might speak about being a “follower” (of Jesus) rather than a “believer.” Like our Friday group, Borg grew up in a world dominated by memories of World War II and the realities of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. He pointed out (in 2003) how much the world had changed since Will Herberg’s 1953 book, Protestant, Catholic, Jew.

Borg noted (in 2003): The religious landscape in America is rapidly changing…. In the last thirty-five years, we have become the most religious diverse nation in the world.” He experienced an escalation of this diversity in his remaining dozen years, and since Borg’s death this diversity has intensified. Today, we have an unprecedented ability to learn from each other, but diversity meets resistance from those uncomfortable with change, including extreme opposition by xenophobic tribalism.

Though he is deceased, Borg’s wisdom is still available to us through The Heart of Christianity and his other writings and presentations. He can help us see diversity as a gift. That’s my goal for this week.

From The Marcus J. Borg Foundation

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