Sometimes it helps to talk. Naming a fear is the first step. I have Room Rater Anxiety. Room rating started during the COVID Pandemic, made famous by Claude Taylor. He’s the Room Rater. He rates rooms, the backgrounds people choose for a TV interview or for a Zoom meeting.

The pandemic made almost everything virtual, so we began seeing inside people’s homes. Room decor is a way to display one’s latest book, or fresh flowers or one’s pound cake de jour, as in Claire McCaskill’s kitchen. I live in fear that my mug shot may one day get Claude Taylor’s attention.

Taylor rates rooms from 0 to 10, which he posts on Twitter. He gives suggestions for how to improve one’s score. I fear being rated. There, I said it. I feel so Zero. I’m still traumatized by someone’s crooked picture I saw this week in her room, and by the widespread criticism of Mar-a-Lago’s carpet.

Shiver me timbers!

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