Who knew?

Yesterday, I received an ethnicity update from Ancestry.com, showing estimated ethnicity fairly balanced between England, Northwestern Europe, Sweden & Denmark, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The Irish 15% may account for my enjoyment of Celtic music.

Elie Wiesel was once asked why he didn’t hate the SS troops that inflicted suffering on his concentration camp during World War II. He said that in synagogue he learned that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve–therefore we are all brothers and sisters.

From Teilhard’s The Human Phenonenon (pp. 151-152): It was not until well into the nineteenth century…that the light finally began to dawn, revealing the irreversible coherence of everything that exists. Showing the interlinking of life–and soon after, of matter. … That time and space are organically joined together so as to weave together the stuff of the universe.

She was a senior when I was a sophomore at Gadsden High School in 1967. It was a large school. I didn’t know her. I only learned of her accomplishments last week. Jennie Patrick (bottom row, second from left) was one of eleven African-American students to integrate the school in 1964. It was tough. She was tougher. She became the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in chemical engineering–at M.I.T. We are all connected. What we know about our connectedness is a tiny percentage of all there is to know, to experience, to enjoy, to love.

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