Hope–more than a strategy

In financial and political circles, sometimes we hear the phrase, “hope is not a strategy.” It is usually spoken with a cynical edge in response to a business or government leader who begins a sentence with the words, “I hope….” Sometimes, “hope” comes across as merely wishful thinking.

Hope catalyzes and energizes positive action. Hope shapes life-changing and world-changing dreams, strategies and platforms. Hope forms worthwhile goals and ideals. Hope fuels progress. Hope is more than a strategy; hope is the seed, the basis, the nucleus of every worthwhile strategy.

Hope is expressed through poetry, music, art, writing, gardening, medicine and science, plans of action, statements of purpose or faith. Nefarious intent can be disguised temporarily as hope, but sooner or later, disillusion occurs and authentic hope emerges. Hope heals. Hope endures. Hope floats.

From “Does Hope Really Float?” by Maria Bucci, Wholehearted Workshops (The quote from the movie is “endings are usually sad….”)

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