Common sense

Should individuals own nuclear weapons? How about artillery? Tanks? Javelin missiles? Where do we draw the line between today’s weapons of mass destruction and the musket firearms known to the Founders (projecting single shot musket balls that required loading each “round” with gunpowder)?

After the Uvalde, Texas tragedy, our Sunday School class wrote personal, handwritten letters to Alabama’s senators to limit the easy availability of military assault rifles. I reminded Richard Shelby that he supported a ban on assault rifles in the 1990s. He sent me a polite reply that ignored the issue.

Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, was interviewed Friday about the labor market on CNBC’s Squawk Box. As the host was closing the segment, Gimbel asked for another minute. Then he said something really important:

I’m from, and … I live currently in Highland Park Illinois, that was affected on Monday, on July 4th, and I raised my kids there and I grew up there. And, I just want everybody to know that Highland Park is going to survive and do well. We’re doing great. We need some serious gun reform in this country. I know I’m not a political pundit, but what happened in our community could happen anywhere and it did—in Parkland and other places. It gets a little cliche to say your town followed by “strong.” But we are. We’re a small community outside of Chicago of mixed ethnicities and people different in gender and ages, but it’s a good community and we’ve been hit badly and hard, but we’re going to bounce back. And to everyone out there, just keep us in your thoughts, but more importantly let’s effect legislation to ban assault rifles.

From “A Revolution in Arms: Weapons in the War for Independence,” an exhibition at The American Revolution Institute, October 11, 2018-March 24, 2019

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