The gyroscope is love

It always comes back to love. My encounter with the Southern Lights presenters launched a week of contemplation and reflection about the most searing issue of this divisive era–to experience forgiveness and healing for ourselves and to be agents of forgiveness and healing for others.

Why did it take me so long to see through the religious language that’s been used by proponents of repressive political action? I missed many opportunities to say, “I respectfully disagree.” I need to soak up some grace this week as I ponder these things. And, I need to extend that grace to others.

Sometimes, moments of gracious, respectful disagreement have opened the door for deeper conversation and more solid friendships. As I reflect on the “culture wars,” on upcoming election cycles and on difficult decisions by persons of faith, I foresee fresh opportunities for deeper conversations.

The Southern Lights presenters have helped me work through some residual brokenness, which can be the basis for more breakthroughs in the difficult days ahead. Love is like a gyroscope that continuously keeps me centered (when I allow it), drawing me back to the “plumb line” of the prophet Amos.

From “Justice the Plumb Line–Amos 7:7-15,” by J. Leavitt Pearl, Political Theology, July 11, 2018

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