Don’t mess with Diana

Diana Butler Bass sends occasional emails from “The Cottage.” Some of her reflections are “Sunday Musings,” including one for yesterday, which was Pentecost for many Christians. The title was “All means ALL. It was prompted by a current conversation within The Episcopal Church.

Their July 8-11 General Convention will consider the issue of open communion (or open table). A letter written by a group of theologians included this line: “Holy Eucharist is therefore not intended for ‘all people’ without exception, but is rather for ‘God’s people.'”

The theologians’ letter sounded discordant to Butler Bass, who was raised in a Methodist tradition that practices open communion (where the bread and cup of communion are open to all who wish to receive, not just baptized Christians). She responded with a Tweet (hastily and passionately, she said):

“All people ARE God’s people. Start your theology there. Start every theology there for God’s sake. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of the planet.” I jotted down three notes to self: Some of my best friends are Episcopalian. It’s not my Convention. Don’t mess with Diana.

From “Theologians’ statement on open Communion reignites debate among Episcopalians ahead of General Convention,” by Egan Millard and David Paulsen, Episcopal News Service, June 3, 2022

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