With age, I’ve tried to be more inclusive. Exclusion and inclusion are learned early—a necessary part of identity formation. Boundaries are set by parents, teachers, and society. It’s important to respect, and set, appropriate boundaries.

Over time, some boundaries are reinforced, and some are relaxed. Religions pay considerable attention to boundaries: Why include this group and exclude that group? Why is this, not that, kosher? I try to err on the side of inclusion.

Society’s boundaries are expressed through laws, ideally to seek justice, which is society’s way of expressing love. Some laws are unjust. We’re a work in progress. M.L. King, Jr., said, “The law can’t make a man love me, but it can restrain him from lynching me.”

The Fullness of Loving Relationships website has a page entitled “All-Inclusive,” devoted to Personal Health, Social Justice and Ecological Justice.


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