Our connection

The “About Us” page at the Fullness of Loving Relationships’ website could be condensed into one word, the ancient African term Ubuntu, which means “humanity to others,” or “I am what I am because of who we all are.” Or, more simply, “I am because you are.”

Here’s the “About Us” statement:

The fullness of loving relationships involves one’s personal health, which inherently is connected to the health of all others: family, friends, strangers, enemies, fish, birds, animals, and all other creatures, along with the waters, atmosphere and ground. Everyone and everything is interwoven in the web of existence!

Joe Elmore, the founder of the Fullness of Loving Relationships movement, is motivated by the transformational potential of small groups meeting regularly to encourage one another to be more intentional about practicing forgiveness and love in all our relationships. Imagine the possibilities!

From the “About Us” page at fullnessofloving.com

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