A love greater than politeness

This weekly roundup follows some discussions with friends about a secessionist movement within the United Methodist Church. They speak with a love deeper than politeness:

Can we fellowship with integrity with those who insist on using cold literalistic biblical interpretation to contribute to the very real hurt and real culture of oppression for real people in the real world?

This is not some abstract theological or exegetical difference of opinion. Did in any respect the life or teaching of Jesus suggest using legalistic dogma to hurt people?

When Methodist clergy’s bureaucratic, institutional thinking considers reactionary ideologues a legitimate part of the body, elemental Christian ethics are pushed to the side and off the table.

My friend Don sent this James Baldwin quote from Following Jesus, a project of the Mustard Seed School of Theology, founded in 2004 by Kurt Struckmeyer.

From followingjesus.org

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