Sadness isn’t the whole story, or its most important part. But, sadness is a significant part of our world today. Generally, I look on the bright side, but sadness has become a more frequent companion. I talk to myself the way Churchill talked to the UK and the way Zelenskyy talks to Ukraine.

Easter heals, but does not deny, suffering. So, this Easter season I’ve decided to identify, to own and to embrace sadness. I’ve learned over many years that when I do this, I discover a deeper connection with the earth and its inhabitants. I connect with Donbas, with Dunkirk and with Devil’s Den.

Many times last week someone used the word “sad” to describe a medical condition, the destruction of Mariupol, or a Methodist congregation. I’m making peace with sadness and I invite you to identify, own and embrace any sadness you may be feeling these days. That’s this week’s blog agenda.

Churchill painting by Richard Deane Taylor; Zelenskyy photo from “A Modern Churchill? Zelenskyy praised as war communicator,” by David Bauder and Jocelyn Noveck, Associated Press, March 7, 2022

2 thoughts on “Sad”

  1. For once, I have planned to take a true Sabbath today. Perhaps I will spend some of that time in sadness with so many of our Earth’s inhabitants.


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