“Now, who are you?”

The assisted living facility called to say my aunt had been taken to the hospital with pneumonia and some other issues. I went to bed early Thursday and began the 5-hour drive at 2 am CT on Friday in order to be north of Chattanooga before rush hour. I arrived at her hospital room at 7:30 am ET.

When her night shift nurse came in to start an IV, she cheerily asked, “Are you her husband?” When I replied, “No, I’m her nephew,” the nurse tried to make me feel better by saying, “She doesn’t look 90.” I was already six hours into a long day, and too tired to feel anything but humor.

I made two women happy before the sun broke the horizon. The nurse was happy when I told her my aunt was being discharged to rehab. So, she didn’t need to replace the IV line my aunt had removed during the night. I always make my saintly aunt happy simply by showing up.

We arrived at the rehab facility in time for her to have a lunch tray, so I helped her with meal #2. She settled into her new abode. At 3 pm ET, I told my aunt I was leaving for the motel and I would see her in the morning. She smiled, expressed her gratitude and said, “Now, who are you?”

From “Coping With Memory Loss,” US Food & Drug Administration

4 thoughts on ““Now, who are you?””

  1. There is nothing more difficult to deal with than severe memory loss. For the one who suffers and for their caregivers.


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