Carried carriers

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation for April 6 is his poem, “It Can’t Be Carried Alone,” a response to the collective suffering of the people of Ukraine. Some excerpts:

“…we watch their suffering unfold in real time from an unfair distance….”

“Our partisan divisions now appear small and trivial.”

“…both good and evil are, first of all, social phenomena.”

“In loving solidarity, we each bear what is ours to carry, the unjust weight of crucifixion, in expectant hope for God’s resurrection!”

“The people of Ukraine have much to teach the world.”

Rohr says we are “crucified and resurrected at the same time.” Through contemplation we stand “inside both these mysteries,” which leads us to action “to do what we can….” Our individual engagement is part of the larger “social phenomena” we call community.

We who carry responsibility are ourselves carried by a Mystery beyond our comprehension.

From “Footprints in the Sand,” a poem by Carolyn Joyce Carty, via a Malcolm Tilsed video on YouTube

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