Subway tulips

The strength of the Ukrainian people is revealed in countless ways, including their ability to humanize the inhumane conditions imposed upon them, such as a vase of flowers in a Kharkiv subway car window that has become an underground shelter. I was helped by Richard Rohr’s reflection about faith’s ability to “incorporate the negative.”

COVID research is bringing greater understanding about post-viral conditions such as chronic fatigue. Son Rob sent this recent article: “Coronavirus Infections Found to Shrink Parts of the Brain.”

Madeleine Albright’s (1937-2022) 2/23/22 essay, “Putin Is Making a Historic Mistake” is worth reading.

On two long drives this week, I listened to SCOTUS nominee Katanji Brown Jackson’s mature responses to fund-raising/campaign ad sound bites by Senators Cruz, Graham and Hawley that were disguised as questions to her. NY Times’ David Leonhardt provided helpful context in “Distorted Reality.”

Europe’s current war has made me wonder whether–if humanity’s evolution isn’t cut short by aggression–one day we may look back at the era when most nations were led by males and wonder why it took so long to take full advantage of the natural female strengths of multi-tasking, analytical problem-solving and compassionate wholeness.

From the Facebook page of Washington Post photographer Wojceich Grzedzinski, who was interviewed on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, March 22, 2022 (Volunteers gave tulips to women who were sheltering in the subway on March 8, International Women’s Rights Day)

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    1. Rohr helps me the same way my bifocals help me. He provides a lens into the ancient tradition that sharpens my ability to focus on contemporary issues. I can’t overestimate the value of his contribution, and his interpretation of Paul is a good example.

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