I’ve had a life-long appreciation for journalists. I was a 4th grader when John Kennedy was elected president. I was a 7th grader when he was assassinated. I watched his press conferences that were broadcast live on TV. I thought it would be fun to be in the press corps that covered him.

Sometimes, the reporter/politician relationship is contentious. Journalists can be irritating. They can be partisan. Politicians can be arrogant. They can take criticism personally. It’s important for elected leaders and journalists to maintain appropriate objectivity and professionalism.

Donald Trump routinely said reporters purvey “fake news” as “enemies of the people.” Yesterday, Joe Biden apologized for insulting a reporter. Recent books by journalists Jonathan Karl, Bob Woodward, Robert Costa, Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker renew my appreciation for the free press.

From “Explore the First Amendment Freedom of Press,” Freedom Forum

3 thoughts on “Journalists”

    1. I’m grateful to for the photographers that captured the brutality inflicted on non-violent civil rights demonstrators in 1963, etc. They were catalysts for change. The work of Karl, Woodward, Costa, Leonnig, Rucker, etc., has been critical in uncovering various mischiefs. The foresight of the Founders regarding a free press was truly visionary.


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