I’ve learned to neither inquire about or assume whether a couple of people are a couple. I’m not disinterested in one’s marital status or gender identity, though my natural tendency to be oblivious and/or preoccupied sometimes helps me. They appeared to be a married couple.

They either arrived together at the North Carolina-NC State football game or they became quick friends. They kissed after every score. One wore a Carolina blue cap. The other wore a jersey with Wolfpack Red. They won the attention of the camera person and the director.

Rivalry games make the season’s statistics irrelevant. Both teams showed great perseverance. NC State jumped to a quick lead and appeared to dominate. The Tarheels won the middle of the game and appeared to have won when a late field goal put them up by nine points.

With 1:42 left, NC State cut the lead to two on a long pass after a sack, reminiscent of the “Seattle” pass from Tua to DeVonta in January 2018. A recovered onside kick led to another long pass, acrobatic catch, and a Wolfpack victory. The couple continued to cheer and kiss. Both persevered.

They both won, ESPN via YouTube

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