Braver Angels

We’re in a dark period of divisiveness. I see it “bottoming,” as light rejuvenates our capacity for hope. I’m involved with some friends who seek to more fully understand and more faithfully practice unconditional love–which includes tough love. Light is a major theme of the Christian season of Advent, a time of waiting, yearning, hoping and lighting candles. Advent begins next Sunday.

This year, I plan to celebrate Advent by more fully living into the reality and practice of unconditional love. I’ll lift up some people and groups that help me with this. Holidays are now difficult for many families as society’s issues sometimes divide family conversations. This contributes to the “silo” factor, where we have meaningful talk only with those who agree with us.

My friend Kathy sent a pre-holiday email to her family and friends introducing Braver Angels, begun in December 2016 by a small group of “red” and “blue” people in South Lebanon, Ohio. Their inspiring movement has spread across the nation. Kathy invited her circle of family and friends to “check out” Braver Angels. I did. I invite you to check them out, too.

From “The Emotional and Intellectual Transformation of De-Polarization,” on the “Our Story” page of the Braver Angels website.

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