A legend within a Legend

The person who might have enjoyed this World Series the most died in January. Hank Aaron (1934-2021) was best known as a legendary hitter. He was one of the best all-around players, but even that doesn’t fully describe his legacy.

In 1967, when Astros manager Dusty Baker (now 72) was drafted by the Braves out of high school, Aaron told Baker’s mom that if he signed to play with the Braves, he would treat him “like a son.” In 1968, Baker spent the first of 8 years with the Braves. He played 11 more years and he has had a long career as a Major League manager. He still feels like part of the Aaron family.

Braves manager Brian Snitker is in his fourth decade with the organization. He was a Braves minor league player when Aaron was in charge of player development. He told Snitker he didn’t think he could make it in the big leagues, but he wanted him to coach for one of the Braves’ minor league teams. He soon was promoted to be a minor league manager. Now he’s managing in the “Big House.”

When Aaron died, Snitker said, “He’s the epitome of grace, professionalism, just the man he was. He never called me when I was a minor-league manager and the first thing out of his mouth wasn’t, ‘How’s your family?’ and ‘Can I do anything for you?’”

From “Brian Snitker and Dusty Baker Jr. Photos,” Getty Images via Zimbio

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