Unconditional love

My friend Joe is living into a vision that has grasped him for many decades, a vision of radical, unconditional love. He’s inviting others to be grasped by this vision that transcends all religions and philosophies. Joe says, “Love is the universal language.”

As others join him, the vision becomes re-shaped, expanded, deepened, more inclusive. As Joe began to share this vision with others, he envisioned “grace teams” that would seek to live into the spirit of undeserved love or unmerited favor.

A person may have difficulty with the word grace if it is part of an invitation to convert to Christianity. So, Joe has moved the focus from grace to love. Grace is a Christian tributary flowing into the main channel of a universal river called love.

In light of recent posts, I’m obliged to say that I love Donald Trump enough to tell him, respectfully, where we disagree. Political or ideological disagreements are not barriers to genuine love. When disagreements aren’t tolerated, expediency is present, not love.

In Fiddler on the Roof, Leibesh asks the rabbi if there’s an appropriate blessing for the Tsar (via YouTube)

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