The common sense middle

It’s too early to call this the beginning of post-ideological America, but I’m hopeful (for the first time in quite awhile) that perhaps the tide is turning against ideological extremism, toward a more moderate, pragmatic, common sense middle.

Yesterday’s post mentioned the bi-partisan Florida county election supervisors’ defense of democracy and the integrity of free elections, “The Great American Experiment.” Another turn away from extreme ideological thinking occurred last week in Nevada.

Immediately after the 2020 election, there were accusations of voter fraud in Nevada, based on a ballot that was mailed to a deceased voter who was still on the voter roll. Her husband told the media he had no idea how her ballot wound up being cast. Tucker Carlson gave the story a big national push. It was a rallying cry for the “Stop the Steal” campaign that sought to overturn Joe Biden’s election.

A Nevada investigation led to voter fraud charges, but not in the direction implied by the “Stop the Steal” organizers. Last week the husband of the deceased voter was charged with voting twice–his ballot and the one that was inadvertently mailed to his deceased wife. Two of this country’s best assets are common sense and due process. The deceased voter’s husband is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

The same is true of the earlier allegations. So far, it appears that nothing was stolen.

From “I-Team: Man who claimed dead wife’s mail-in ballot showed voter fraud accused of voting twice,” KLAS NewsNow, Las Vegas, Nevada

2 thoughts on “The common sense middle”

  1. Ted, thank you for words of hope among the political storm clouds on the horizon. With so many states now passing laws that allow state legislatures to overturn election results that don’t like, it is difficult to see how we can avoid falling deeper into the darkness before perhaps more sane minds will perhaps prevail. I always hope I am wrong.


    1. Thank you, Ernie. I’m hopeful because I think this low moral legislative ebb will backfire and an increasing number of people will see the “Stop the Steal” movement as itself a well-orchestrated attempt to steal an election. I expect some revealing subpoenaed documents and some revealing Congressional testimony from insiders who want to avoid perjury. I believe light ultimately will prevail over darkness.


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