We’re halfway through year 2 of this pandemic. Humans have an innate capacity to learn from tragedy, and I’ve been thinking about what we’ve learned in this difficult, stressful, tragic era.

We are connected. A friend’s yarn shop has low inventory as she waits for yarn to be unloaded from ships backed up at west coast ports. Tech companies had relied on the cargo sections of international passenger flights to deliver critical components. The virus curtailed international air travel.

Slowdowns in the supply chain have created long wait times, as manufacturers try to secure necessary parts for their workers. The big snow in Texas a few months created a slowdown in making cushions for campers.

I’ve become more patient, unintentionally. Life has become simpler, grudgingly. As others struggle with COVID and its ripples, I’m more understanding, reluctantly. I’ve realized at a deeper level that patience, simplicity and compassion don’t come easily or naturally–acquired tastes during a slowdown.

From “Pandemic bookends: Jewelry family has operated through several slowdowns,” by Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Joplin Globe, June 13, 2020

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