Go Vols!

We live in a very quiet place, surrounded by trees and the animals that live in and around them. The night quiet is sometimes broken by an owl or two preparing dinner, or a coyote buffet, but most of the time it’s silence until the morning birds began to sing.

We’re tent camping at a Tennessee state park. The first days were stormy and cold. I kept humming “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” But, it cleared up and warmed up and we’ve met some nice neighbors, such as Sophie, Gabby and Olive. Their humans are nice, too.

This park is convenient to shopping and easy access to two major highways that aren’t quite as close as they sound. I’ve lived near highways so I know to imagine it’s the sound of waves at the beach and it quickly lulls me to sleep.

But, all in all it’s a quiet, peaceful place and a great location to soak up the mountains that surround it. Well, it was quiet until Friday. Now it’s as full as Knoxville’s Neyland Stadium on Saturday. It appears that we’re part of a community Vols tailgate party. Go Vols!

From “Tips for a Stylish Southern Tailgate with Draper James,” Lone Star Looking Glass

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