Grief work

On Tuesday, Dr. Kirby Bland, Professor Emeritus of Surgery at UAB, described the current state of COVID-19 in Alabama. His message: Get vaccinated. Urge your family, friends and neighbors to get vaccinated. Wear a mask (preferably N-95) in public. Alabama’s vaccination rate is 41%. Only West Virginia’s is lower. This isn’t our finest hour.

Yesterday, I read the obituary of Candice Ayers, 66. Her family’s grief made me realize that for 18 months, the world has been in grief. We have been visited by an existential, worldwide threat. The end is not yet in sight. COVID-19 grief is global. It is also deeply personal.

I haven’t done the personal grief work I need to do. As a society, we haven’t done the corporate grief work we need to do. Grief work will be the theme for the next several posts. A good place to begin is Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004).

Photo of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, from the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

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