Division of labor

This Labor Day brings some light-hearted levity from down under: an insight from the Governor of Alabama. No, not the one in Montgomery. The real Governor, Nick Saban.

Saturday, James Burnip played in his first football game. Usually, before one takes the field in a major college game, he or she has had some high school gridiron experience, but Burnip’s first time between the hash marks was for the University of Alabama against Miami on national TV.

Burnip played some rugby in his native Australia, but not real football. Well, not American football. The Alabama coaching staff looked at film of him punting a football and Saban had an intercontinental Facetime conversation with him. The 6’6″ Aussie was awarded a scholarship.

When asked about Burnip’s lack of football experience, Saban said, “We’re not asking him to play football. We’re asking him to punt it.”  When business schools teach classes in management, they can point to James Burnip to illustrate the division of labor principle.

So, in this age of specialization: Happy Labour Day, mate!

From “New Punter James Burnip bringing Aussie style to Alabama,” by Tony Tsoukalas, BamaInsider, September 3, 2021

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