Aging well

Yesterday, I shared with Malcolm’s Sunday School class what I learned last week (and shared with you) about truth and wisdom. The class affirmed Roberta Bondi’s words about aging (from yesterday’s post). Several class members are in their 90s and it’s encouraging to a young guy like me to see them joyous and excited about aging.

They cheered Malcolm’s and Betty’s 72nd wedding anniversary. Humor is essential. One of the class announcements was about an upcoming church financial informational meeting. Malcolm chimed in that the church was “flush” and might “declare a dividend.”

Bondi’s encounter with the desert fathers and mothers led me to articles about ancient Egyptian monasteries, some of which have been in continuous operation since the 400s. Saint Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai has the world’s oldest continuously operating library, dating from the 500s.

The Monastery of St. Anthony is the world’s oldest Coptic monastery. The monasteries at Wadi El Natrun are rich with stories, such as the desert abba St. John the Short. Three cheers for old people and short people!

From “7 Most Beautiful Coptic Orthodox Monasteries in Egypt,” Local Guide to Egypt, November 27, 2020

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