Broader than Christianity

Eliza Griswold’s New Yorker article, cited yesterday, captures Richard Rohr’s significance for our time. I’m sure he winced, or chuckled, at the title, “Richard Rohr Reorders the Universe.” Rohr said Thomas Merton “pulled back the curtain” so people in our time could rediscover the contemplative tradition. Rohr might say he simply has tried to “pull back the curtain” so we could rediscover a universal, cosmic Reality.

The Universal Christ, (2019) coalesces all of Rohr’s “big thoughts.” The sub-title is instructive: “How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For and Believe.” He echoes an old idea from the Gospel of John: “In the beginning (of Creation) was the Word … (that) became flesh (in Jesus).” Rohr says this spiritual reality (the Universal, or Cosmic Christ) is pre-existent and eternal, always here and everywhere..

From Griswold’s third paragraph: ...God’s love for the world has existed since the beginning of time, suffuses everything in creation, and has been present in all cultures and civilizations. Jesus is an incarnation of that spirit, and following him is our “best shortcut” to accessing it. But this spirit can also be found through the practices of other religions…. Rohr, like Merton, is part of a spiritual communion broader than Christianity.

From “The Universal Christ,” a book review by Jon M. Sweeney, Spirituality & Practice

2 thoughts on “Broader than Christianity”

    1. Not yet. I’ve ordered a copy. He’s included excerpts in the Daily Meditations and in other settings, so I’m familiar with the main themes. I decided to order it when I read in Griswold’s article that he called it his “end of life book,” by which I think he meant it’s a summation of his “big ideas” and a sequel to his book about the Trinity, which has given many people a fresh look at an old doctrine. He’s written a lot of books. Falling Upward was pivotal for me. I plan spend some time with Universal Christ this winter.


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