Yesterday, I ran across a February 2020 New Yorker article by Eliza Griswold about Richard Rohr, now 78. Griswold spent a day with Rohr at his Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque.

If you’ve read these posts with any regularity, you’re aware that Rohr is a significant resource for me. Around 2005, he entered my consciousness through several friends whose judgment I greatly trust.

I was in a study group that spent several days with him at the CAC, just before Falling Upward was published in 2011. When I read the book a few months later, I could hear his voice as I read his words.

For a decade I was part of a group that used the CAC’s Daily Meditations as the basis for our weekly conversations. Now, my friend Joe and I have a weekly Facetime conversation about those readings.

Rohr has helped deepen my appreciation for the best of the Christian tradition while at the same time helping me think beyond Christianity to embrace some universal themes shared by many traditions.

Tomorrow, I’ll use Griswold’s article (available here) as the starting point for several posts about how Rohr has helped expand my view of things.

Illustration by Ohni Lisle, from “Richard Rohr Reorders the Universe,” by Eliza Griswold, The New Yorker, February 2, 2020

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