The value & arrogance of me

“…all … are created equal … endowed … with certain unalienable Rights….”

These words from the Declaration of Independence convey a revolutionary idea: the value of the individual, including the right to speak freely when one disagrees with the way things are. For our Founders, it was was both a revolutionary idea and a self-evident truth woven into the Universe.

Alongside the radical value of the individual stands a companion truth, the common good, including peaceful assembly to redress grievances. The American Civil Rights movement gave an enduring gift to humanity: peaceful, non-violent resistance. Wherever there is injustice, there are people quietly studying the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis and others.

The enduring challenge is to affirm and express my value, the value of me, while respecting your value, the value of you. If I fail to value you, the common good, or the community, I risk arrogance, the arrogance of me. Liberty requires healthy, self-imposed boundaries, exercised in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Boundary work is among our most important tasks. Healthy, self-imposed boundaries affirm value and restrain arrogance.

From “Examples of Showing Respect to Others & Why it’s Important,” by Saad Ali Khan, Legacy Business Cultures

2 thoughts on “The value & arrogance of me”

  1. Thank you, Kathy. I’ve been living with this idea for awhile, but it was late last night when I wrote this and I was afraid I was getting too wonky. 🙂


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