Yesterday was my Aunt Margaret’s 90th birthday. We spent six days at two Tennessee state parks making our way to her assisted living facility. While there, our dog Friar befriended two dogs who live there with their humans. Friar would be too large to qualify for occupancy there, but he likes to visit.

The two smaller dogs tend to bark at newcomers. As he approached, they followed their instincts and warned the rest of the “pack” of a potential intruder. Old Friar just lumbered up the sidewalk wagging his tail. I’ve learned that if the larger dog wags his (or her) tail, the smaller ones usually relax.

Watson, a Terrier, was skeptical but his human let Friar sniff her hand then she let Watson sniff her hand. It worked. The UN might try that sometime. Dolly, a little Pomeranian, bravely but gingerly walked up to Friar. They each lifted a paw as if to “shake.” Friar lay so that he was eye to eye with Dolly.

Missing was Izzie, who moved into the facility years ago with her human. When her human died, Izzie remained and became the official resident dog that she already was. Izzie died a few days ago, friendly to the end. A memorial will be installed. Meanwhile, someone left this remembrance:

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