Deep roots

Casey, Crime Photographer; The Fat Man; The Man Called X; Mystery Is My Hobby; The Silent Men; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Radio Detective Story Hour; Dick Tracy; Dragnet; Nick Carter, Master Detective; Gang Busters; and 21st Precinct.

The dozen links (above) provide a sampling of “modern” US radio crime shows, as opposed to “old timey” radio shows like The Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, and Gunsmoke.

Some radio shows had later incarnations as television shows, including two decades of TV’s Gunsmoke. Before we dig into some current issues of crime and how we police ourselves, these samplers provide a nostalgic and instructive background of our national crime-solving consciousness.

From Calling All Cars: Radio Dragnets and the Technology of Policing, Kathleen Battles, 2010

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