I’ve read about friends who never met but had long, deeply personal correspondence with paper and ink. I have friends I’ve never met, which is increasingly common in Cyberspace.

Matt L.R. is someone I know only through WordPress, the blog platform you’re now reading. He’s a cartoonist who conveys much-needed humor around some of life’s absurdities.

At Matt invites me to reflect about life’s meaning from a safe distance. Charles Schulz (1922-2000) did that with Peanuts. We all need a safe place to ponder life’s mysteries.

I grew up with Mad Magazine. As editor of our school paper in the 9th grade, Alfred E. Neuman graced the cover of our first edition. My mom gave me an appreciation of satire and self-deprecating humor.

From “The cartoons woke me from a deep sleep,” by Matt L.R., LASTFLYINGCOW

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