Holy Week means letting go

In 2005, Buzzy Pickren founded an annual event called January Adventure, held at Epworth By the Sea. Each year, speakers such as Marcus Borg (1942-2016) provided lively conversations about the challenges facing progressive Christians in today’s world.

This week, an email arrived from the planners of January Adventure saying that the group “realized that our team has aged and it would be difficult for our four people to replicate what we’ve done in the past.  We started asking questions that did not have easy answers.  In the end, we acknowledged that we no longer had the work force or the resources to manage an event of this scale.”

They dutifully notified the speakers that had been scheduled for January, 2022. To their surprise, they said, “No! We can’t lose January Adventure; its legacy is too important. We already have the manpower and the resources to host the event. Will you give it to us?”

So, beginning January 14-16, 2022, an annual event begins under a new name (to be determined) at Epworth By the Sea with the leadership of Diana Butler Bass, Brian McLaren, and Jim Chaffee (from the Chaffee Management Group). The JA team, happily letting-go, wrote: “Mark your calendars and tell your friends.”

A foundational principle of Holy Week is letting go. It means dying. It means giving away one’s life. Resurrection is always a joyous surprise!

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