It depends on us

Often, I’m pecking at my laptop. my wife is knitting and listening via earphones to an audio book, while Friar naps or initiates a ball game.

If I finish a post during normal hours, I share it with the book listener. Sometimes she pauses her book to tell me about a passage she finds interesting.

Cathey has been listening to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s Hell and Other Destinations. In response to yesterday’s post, she shared Albright’s criticism of President Trump’s impact on morale among career civil servants in the State and Defense departments, intelligence agencies and the military. Then, Albright turned to our responsibility as citizens, saying it depends on us more than on him:

“… I have devoted this much space to Trump only because he is so hard to escape. … When I’m asked to discuss him …. I tell myself to remain calm, because who wants to spend their final years in a bad mood? What I honestly don’t know as I write this (early in 2020) is whether the harm he is causing to America’s reputation, interests, and ability to rally others will prove temporary or lasting. The good news–at least, I pray it is good–is that the answer to that question depends far less on him than it does on us.”

“I was raised a Catholic, married an Episcopalian, and (in 1996) found out I was Jewish. So I can have my religious discussions sitting in a corner.” (This quote from her book is part of an article/podcast, “Derek Mitchell & Secretary Madeleine Albright on her past and democracy’s future,” by Max Sycamore, DemocracyWorks, June 9, 2020.)

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