It must be Tuesday

Retirement, like grace, is widely misunderstood and underrated. In retirement my dad stayed busy working on clocks and doing things for friends and relatives. He said, “I don’t know how I ever had time to work.” I thought it was quaint that the old boy was staying busy in his dotage. Now that I’m the old boy in my dotage, I understand what he meant. Life is full.

I may have said this in an earlier post. If so, and you’re young, just consider it doubly important. If you’re old, you (like me) probably won’t remember. When you’re old you can tell (or hear) the same stories over and over and they’re always new.

Mondays are more fun in retirement. Yesterday, I woke eagerly at 5:30. I made a pot of coffee and sat down to read a daily meditation, check email and scan some online news sources. As the coffee percolated, I discovered that it was 3:45, not 5:45. When you’re old, glasses help you see better. They can also make you look better, as demonstrated by these old friends.

Which reminds me, this is Election Day, so it must be Tuesday. Tuesdays are more fun in retirement, too. Cheers!

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