Without a platform…

On October 27, William A. Galston, opinion columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote “Without a Platform, Trump Falls.” Some excerpts from this reasoned, non-partisan analysis of the president’s re-election campaign:

The GOP decision “for the first time since the Civil War” not to draft a party platform “symbolized Mr. Trump’s takeover of the party.”

“The president’s instinct was to treat Covid-19 as a temporary interruption” but “many voters have a different view… and they looked to the president for leadership.”

“The president’s derisive skepticism about wearing masks … complicated the efforts of governors and local leaders.”

“Stamping out the pandemic, it turned out, was a necessary precondition for getting the economy and society back to normal.”

“This was a poor time for Mr. Trump to attack the Affordable Care Act.” He “has promised an alternative to the ACA” but “has never offered such a plan.”

“Mr. Trump’s trade policies have been controversial” and “drafting a platform could have been the occasion for a midcourse correction. Instead, Mr. Trump is likely to do worse in the business community … than any other candidate in the history of his party.”

From “Without a Platform, Trump Falls,” by William A. Galston, Wall Street Journal, October 27, 2020

One thought on “Without a platform…”

  1. Very heartening criticism. How astonishing that the Republicans did not draft a platform for the first time since the Civil War


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