Changing the way we vote

Like a laundry attendant, the coronavirus has turned our world inside out, revealing the rough inside of our britches. (I smiled as I wrote these words, remembering my mom’s term for my childhood underwear: “little britches.”). I keep finding ways the virus has changed the way we do things.

Yesterday, I found a helpful resource by Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida. His website is United States Electoral Project. Among the resources is a page called “General Election Early Vote Statistics.” He updates the data frequently and he provides commentary about voter turnout, voter demographics and precinct data for every state.

For example, as of October 20, in Texas, 5,352,333 people have already voted. In 2016, the total of all votes cast in the presidential election was 8,969,226. The Texas vote has already reached 60% of the number of 2016 votes cast. Across the country, people are voting in record numbers. You can follow Michael McDonald at Twitter: @ElectProject.

Some people in America openly seek to reduce the number of citizens who vote, but the “genie is out of the bottle.” Early voting will become more common, due in part to the coronavirus.

One thought on “Changing the way we vote”

  1. We sure needed our people to become citizens again. For the last couple of decades it has grated on me that journalists referred to Americans as consumers. That had become our primary role.


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