Stretching our vision

A Jewish thanksgiving begins, “Almighty God, Creator of the Universe, who brings forth bread from the earth….” This perspective–stretching prayer expresses gratitude to the Creator of all things. The prayer calls us to a global, universal, inclusive worldview, a revolutionary departure from local, parochial, tribal perspectives. This cosmic view challenges our too easy divisions into us versus them or good versus bad.

A global perspective facilitates the healing of brokenness and division. It builds bridges. A friend once said, “Psychosis is when there is no us, only them. Agape love is when there is no them, only us.” Abraham was called to bless all the families of the earth. Moses was called to challenge Pharaoh in the name of the Creator of the Universe.

Great advancements come when we move beyond our fragmented, dualistic ways, to think and act in holistic, unitive ways. The Israelites opened new possibilities for humanity by stretching our vision of the Universe.

3 thoughts on “Stretching our vision”

    1. This may have happened after you left Birmingham. At the close of a worship service with communion, the small congregation was standing in a circle–a time for anyone to share a reflection. This was the context for the statement made by our friend Cliff. That moment and his insight were etched into my soul.


      1. Wow. I am moved to tears learning that it was our dear Cliff who said that. I am so glad he and Anna are together. You know Anna was my neighbor in Fairfield. What a sweet woman.


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